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1 May - 30 September 2024

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About Me

I was born in Rome in 1961. In my painting we can strongly feel the flow of many literary references as well as the interest in Picasso’s painting, but also and above all the affinities and passion for the avant-garde of the early twentieth century.
I began exhibiting in 1980 participating in numerous group exhibitions. Gradually moving away from my first experiences I developed her work in cycles: from the Stories in 2003, to the Dualism in 2005, the Invisible Cities inspired by the reading of the book of the same name by Italo Calvino to the Secret Rooms in 2006, 2007 and the great and uninterrupted cycle on Fantastic Architectures. Cycles accompanied by as many exhibitions in Rome, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo.

Latest solo exhibitions: Il fantastico, Fuggevole Turchese, Quadri da sfogliare, I’M, Finding a sense of place.
In parallel with my career as a painter, I curated the exhibition on Dualism in the Elsa Morante Library in collaboration with La Sapienza University in Rome (2005). In 2006 the collective Secret Rooms exhibited in the Municipal Libraries of Rome. Since 2008, I created a new project with a rich and varied program of international exhibitions at the Rossocinabro Gallery.


The collections are filled with dynamic colors and lush scenery.

Artwork, Design, Inspiration - I help the artists understand, accept and develop their creative skills.

I help artists explore their emotions and experiences through creative expression.
I offer constructive criticism and guidance to help artists improve their work.
I help the artist building confidence, overcome creative blocks, self-doubt, and develop a strong artistic identity.